Racialized Immigrant Women Mentorship Program

Women are often overlooked in leadership roles, facing sexism, misogyny, societal and cultural norms and expectations just to name a few. These challenges are compounded for immigrant and refugee women who, due to the migration and settlement process, are forced to start a life and career anew, all the while constructing, deconstructing, and negotiating their multiple intersect identities.


of women indicated they had learned leadership from other women.  


of working women believed that networking with female leaders will help them advance in their career.  


of women reported that they are motivated to assume leadership roles when they see more women in leadership.  


of working women indicated that it is important for them to be a role model for younger female colleagues in the workplace.

All figures cited from a KPMG study about women’s leadership.

The experiences of immigrant women, and the numbers above, are why mentorship is needed more than ever. This is why we offer our mentorship training program, to teach passionate and driven immigrant women to become mentors in their community, and help immigrant women to break through the barriers.

Program Outcomes 

  1. Increase immigrant women level of confidence and self-authorship, so they learn how to advocate for themselves.
  2. Have a sense of belonging and connect to others. 
  3. Be able to set SMART goals and achieve them.
  4. Break the cycle of shame, stigma and silence (shame about their culture, accents, etc..)

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