Living Under The Same Roof

This is a series of events and panel discussions that focus on the building of solidarity between migrant and Indigenous communities which involves the bridging of our understandings of global imperialism and Canada’s ongoing colonial legacy. It is very crucial for newcomers in particular to acknowledge the land they live on and acknowledge the fact that we are settlers on a colonial land. We aim to discuss tools to building solidarity and allyship between newcomers and indigenous communities and bridging the dialogue between indigeneity and immigration.

The first panel discussion took place in November 2017 during Integrating our voices: Centering Stories of Migration conference. The theme of this panel was Solidarity Learning & Social Change:  Disrupting Oppressive Relations. In that session, panelists provided an overview and introduction to the issue of solidarity amongst marginalized populations in Canada. 

Session Learning Outcomes:

  1. Solidarity amongst Indigenous and Migrant peoples,  what can it accomplish? Why is it important? Concerns with this focus?
  2.  Challenges and Cautions – What do we see as the main challenges to forging solidarity amongst these populations? Any words of caution in such efforts
  3. What should be a starting point? Where should we start and who should we target? How can we educate newcomers about Canada’s colonial history and the impotence of allyship and solidarity?

The second session took place during the Newcomer Students’ Association’s second annual Integrating Our Voices conference in October 2018. This session was co-organized and sponsored by the Jack Layton Chair at Ryerson University. 

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