NSA Campus Chapters

Bringing NSA into your school community

The Newcomer Students’ Association aims to provide a safe space to empower newcomer, immigrant and refugee students to build fellowship, capacity and community through their shared lived experiences. Working towards our mission…welcome to the launch of NSA Campus Chapters!

NSA was first established at X University as the Newcomer Students’ Association of Ryerson. When we relaunched in 2020, separate from our founding location, we recognized the impact we could make on a national scale, but lost the arguably more unique impact that we had in our university community. With the launch of our campus chapters, we hope to bring this personal impact back into universities all around Canada, to help provide support for the thousands of newcomer, immigrant, and refugee students entering post-secondary education every year.

This exciting opportunity may seem intimidating, but we, as your parent organization, will help you with every step along the way. We will provide the structure and guidelines for organizing your campus chapter, as well as a detailed explanation for what you need. Together, we will personalize your chapter, to guarantee that it meets the needs of your school!

To start a chapter, you must identify as a student in the school you are applying for. When you apply, you are the Campus Organizer; the person who normally identifies as the “President” of your school’s chapter. You can apply using this form. Once you complete the form, a member of NSA will contact you for the next steps!

If you have any further questions or inquires – please contact Elona at info@mynsa.ca.

We especially encourage applicants from equity-seeking groups and those with lived experiences as immigrants or refugees to apply and lead a chapter at their institution!

10 Easy Steps to Start and Finalize Your Chapter

  1. Fill out the application form to submit your proposal to start a Campus Chapter at your school.
  2. An NSA representative will reach out to you with further inquiries or the next steps.
  3. Once approved you will receive the resources to help establish your Chapter.
  4. Research your school’s policy to start a student organization on campus. You can communicate with the NSA representative if you need any assistance in completing the steps to become an officially recognized student organization at your school. 
  5. Fill out “Campus Chapter Personalization” form.
  6. Recruit students to form the executive team (recommend positions included in the handbook).
  7. All members sign the “Code of Conduct” form and send to NSA representative.
  8. Create Constitution/Bylaws for your Chapter.
    • Determines the structure of the Chapter, organization goals and responsibilities, and code of conduct.
  9. Attend the mandatory NSA orientation session.
  10. Make and submit goals for the school year to NSA representative.
    • Tentative events, workshops, conferences
    • Tentative budgets
    • Meeting schedule

Sneak peek of Handbook contents….

Executive Role Descriptions 

Know exactly what members you’ll be recruiting and their role in the chapter.

Meeting Tips

Make your meeting time productive and efficient.

Example Sponsorship Package

Events can cost a lot – finding sponsors will help cut the expenses!

Start your Chapter application now to get ready for Sept. 2021!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of an NSA chapter?

An NSA chapter’s goal is to build a team of dedicated student leaders who host a variety of events, seminars, conferences, or workshops that support newcomer, immigrant, and refugee students. These events have the aim of providing a space safe, educating and raising awareness of campus resources and supportive initiatives for students, as well as shedding light on barriers and issues in the newcomer community. NSA chapters are essential to change the newcomer culture on campus for the better! Once established, we encourage that the organizers and members organize and tailor the chapter in a way that is unique to the needs of the newcomer community at their school.

How to start an NSA chapter at your school?

As long as you identify as a student in the college/university you want to start the chapter in, you can apply to start a campus chapter using this form.

What are the expectations as an NSA chapter organizer?

As the organizer, you are responsible for establishing the chapter according to the steps your school requires for an official student organization at your institution. Becoming an official student organization will allow you to receive funding from the college/university and be able to use the school’s space to hold your events. Once the chapter is established, the organizer is responsible for building up the membership and the executive team. To ensure your hard work is not lost, we recommend the executive team consists of students in different years of their degree, so the organization is maintained after founding members graduate. The campus organizer will also ensure that the team meets regularly.

Can I start a chapter in high school/a US school?

Unfortunately, NSA currently only has the capacity for post-secondary education in Canada.  We do hope to expand our reach in the future! For now, NSA community members that are not in Canadian institutions can take part in the association by attending NSA events and conferences, volunteering, and using our free resources!

Do I have to be a newcomer/immigrant/refugee student to start a chapter?

We believe that to properly serve the needs of newcomer students, the student leaders of an NSA chapter need to have their own lived experience. Therefore, applicants should identify as a member within this community. We encourage anyone who has a passion and a desire to provide a positive impact to the community to apply, please reach out to us (info@mynsa.ca) if you have any further questions!

How much funding do we need to run a successful Chapter?

This is up to you!  It depends on the types of events you want to facilitate and their scale. Some schools allow for booking of event space for free – taking off a big chunk from event budgets. You can also ask local restaurants for sponsorship or donations, saving money on food for your events. As long as you are an official student group, your school should also have a governing student body that you can ask to fund your events, as well as other smaller societies and course unions. Chapters can also raise money by hosting fun competitions, having raffles, or even bake sales!

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