Leadership Institute

We elevate and amplify the voices of black and racialized immigrant and refugee women by centering their stories and investing in their leadership development. 

We are a leadership incubator providing black and racialized immigrant and refugee women with the tools, training and resources they need to fully integrate and participate, without barriers, in all aspects of the Canadian society. Through the leadership institute, we offer pathways, meaningful and equitable engagement, and advancement opportunities. We tackle the social, economic, cultural and political exclusion of this segment, and move them from the margins into the centre.

Our Leadership Model

Audre Lorde, the black feminist writer and civil rights activists says, If I don’t define myself, I would be crunched into other people’s fantasies for me and eaten alive”.

Figure 1:  Leadership model. Source: (c) Copyright 2019 Sara Asalya

Learn more:

  1. Immigrant Women Leadership Development Program
  2. Racialized Immigrant Women Mentorship Program
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