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Internationally trained health-care professionals unable to help in COVID-19 fight. Here’s why

Canada is in its third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, with emergency and intensive care departments struggling to cope with the number of cases. Yet there continues to be an untapped resource in the fight against the pandemic: internationally educated health professionals (IEHP). Read more

Children who come to Canada more likely than those born here to enter post-secondary education

When Sara Asalya immigrated to Canada with her young family from the Palestinian territories nine years ago, she knew very little English and she had few connections to build on. Read more

Empowering approaches to build leadership for immigrant and refugee women.

I have been reflecting a lot lately about my experiences in Canadian workplaces when I was a newcomer to Canada. Back then, I was not aware of my rights. I wanted to provide for my family, and I was told by my colleagues to never complain or speak up, otherwise I would be fired. Read more

Can COVID-19 help us build a more inclusive post-secondary system?

The global COVID-19 pandemic has massively disrupted post-secondary education, forcing teaching, support services and institutional programming to migrate to online platforms. Read more

Ending the Silence Project Interview

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At Canada’s universities, institutional racism more than a case of a few bad apples

Without comprehensive race-based data, equity policies within Canadian universities have limited impact in adequately addressing discrimination and racism. Read more

How social media influencers are trying to get the U.S. youth vote

With U.S. election day closely approaching, online platforms have been a crucial medium for spreading information about each political party and an individual’s right to vote. Read more

Unpacking complex discrimination faced by immigrants, refugees | Living In Colour

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This Thanksgiving, more than any other, gratitude is precious – but warm feelings are only the first step to living well

Even in the doom and gloom of a COVID-19 pandemic, Canadians are finding reasons to feel good about how we’re helping one another. But how can we turn those feelings into actions and relationships that improve our lives? The science of psychology has some answers. Read more

Canada’s election campaign has revealed a deeply fractured country

Whether it’s Quebec vs. English Canada, West vs. East or young vs. old, unity is hard to find in the 2019 federal race – and it may still elude us afterward. Read more

Immigrant families cannot afford a return to business-as-usual

Recently, the Ford government announced that schools would remain closed until September. While we agree that the safety of our children must be paramount, the impacts of school closures are not borne equally by all families. Read more

The Scope News – November 27, 2017 by CJRU The Scope at Ryerson (Soundcloud)

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Doug Ford government cuts are hurting immigrant and refugee communities

My husband and I are expecting our third child next year and we are so excited. Yet, we can’t help stressing about child care. The child-care system in Ontario is already broken. Read more

Weekend conference to highlight stories of migration: Newcomer Students’ Association of Ryerson holds first annual Immigrant, Refugee and International Students Conference

What are the challenges for migrants, refugees, and international students entering a Canadian university? How does the media shape our perception of migrant stories? What are the opportunities for women who are newcomers to assume leadership roles? Read more

Canada under one roof: Newcomer Students’ Association of Ryerson panel explores the relationship between Indigenous and newcomer Canadians

In Canada, 125 Indigenous communities are under boil-water advisories, and many are also on contaminated land. When Canada’s first communities live in abject conditions, how does this impact Canada’s newest? Read more

Creating a space on campus for Canadian newcomers: Founder of Newcomer Students’ Association of Ryerson honoured by RBC

The first day of school always feels a little scary. When you’re a mature student and a newcomer to Canada, that feeling can turn into isolation. Read more

Canada Day: OISE-bound award winner aims to improve university experience for new immigrants

In the six years that she’s been in Canada, Sara Asalya has been making a mark within the student immigrant community.  Read more

Going Back to School: My Story as an Adult Immigrant Student

Newcomers to Canada face numerous challenges from the moment they land; most significantly managing their finances and successfully transitioning within their respective careers. Read more

Our founder, Sara Asalya, chosen as RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award recipient 2018

Born and raised in Jabalia, the largest of Gaza’s eight refugee camps, Sara Asalya was deeply impacted by the displacement and trauma all around her. It instilled in her a passion for social justice and human rights. After immigrating to Canada six years ago, the desire to help others remained just as strong. Read more

Pay phones still ringing up profits

Pay phones across Canada still generate revenue and remain an important public communications service in a tech-savvy world. Read more

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