Immigrant Women Leadership Development Program

A signature program providing racialized immigrant women with training, network expansion, mentorship and community to build and cultivate their leadership capacity and civic participation.


What is it?

This is a six-month development program that works to reduce social isolation and gender violence by building leadership skills, self-sufficiency and mutual support among at-risk multicultural/multi-ethnic immigrant and refugee women. Program activities include counselling, information and referral, volunteer and leadership training, workshops, support groups, community development and violence prevention programming.

The general aim of this program is to develop engaged leaders and activists, build the capacity of immigrant women, enhance their self-esteem and confidence as well as their sense of belonging to the community. Moreover, the program will train these women to become trainers and facilitators, as well as have a solid understanding of gender-based violence.

Program Objectives and Learning Outcomes

  1. Be familiar with key concepts and theories relevant to human rights and social justice issues, in particular women’s rights, gender equity, and issues related to domestic and gender-based violence. Be able to reflect critically about the theories and concepts discussed throughout the program, and to use them to make sense of ‘real life’ situations. 
  2.  Have begun to recognize the importance of race, gender, age, class, identity, culture, and other embodied experiences and ‘markers of difference’ in working with communities.
  3.  Have a solid understanding and knowledge of advocacy and lobbying tools that they can employ in planning different campaigns and public forums.
  4. Have enough confidence and knowledge to facilitate different training and awareness sessions about different social justice issues.
  5. Understand the power of the collective and know how to build and mobilize communities to take action for social change.
  6.  Ultimately, generate their own perspectives about the topic, engage in debates and tell their own stories.


  1. Equity-focused educational activities and training sessions
  2. Gender-based violence awareness and prevention programming
  3. Community Leadership and Activism
  4. Civic engagement and political action
  5. Storytelling and public speaking
  6. Community engaged learning
  7. Leadership development & career advancement
  8. Celebrating our Success

APPLY today if you’re looking to make an impact in your community, develop and enhance your skills as a leader, build a strong network and support system, and much more! Email us ( or reach out on our social media (@IWNN_CA or @NewStudentsCA) if you have any questions.

*If you’re an organization looking to offer our leadership development program to your community – please contact us at for more information.*

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