Book Launch: Preparing Globally Competent Professionals and Leaders for Innovation and Sustainability

Join us virtually on July 24th from 12-2 PM EST as we speak with the authors of Preparing Globally Competent Professionals and Leaders for Innovation and Sustainability.

Below is a brief summary as seen on Google Books:

The personal and organizational struggles and accomplishments revealed by the COVID-19 pandemic highlight that innovation is the defining trait of individuals and organizations that thrive in the 21st century. The global health crisis not only accelerated the global geopolitical tensions and disrupted organizations in all sectors, but confirmed the importance of preparing globally competent citizens, professionals, and learners who can effectively respond to the economic, environmental, and digital transformations in the 21st century through lifelong learning and professional development. Leaders today need to not only understand the financial, operational, sociocultural, and historical contexts of regional, national, and global systems, but also to build effective partnerships and trusting relationships with all stakeholders in effective policymaking, fostering an organizational culture that supports innovation and managing risks.

Preparing Globally Competent Professionals and Leaders for Innovation and Sustainability is centered on international higher education’s role for the global common good. It critically examines the need for globally competent citizens, professionals, and leaders in the 21st century and higher education’s role in the global common good for a sustainable world. The book presents an evidence-based interdisciplinary framework and promising strategies to allow all learners to develop global citizenship and global leadership while addressing the need to prepare human capital for the global knowledge economy and digital transformation of the 21st century. Covering topics such as accessible education, international higher education, and organizational innovation, this premier reference source is an excellent resource for organizational leaders, executives, faculty and administration of higher education, government officials, human resource managers, industry professionals, researchers, academicians, and students.


Dr. Susan Murray

Engaging, curious, empathic and driven, Susan walks the talk of leadership. In her work with leaders and organizations around the globe, she is counted on for her wisdom and ability to see beyond the present, helping leaders and professionals set actionable, bold steps to achieve success. Her expertise spans organizational and leadership development, strategy, and human resource management. She draws on her experiences in both public and private sectors in Education, Human Resources, organizational development, and policy development. Susan’s reputation as a facilitator, leader and researcher is widely known both within Canada and globally. She is the team lead for the public sector excellence assessment in the United Arab Emirates in the areas of Human Capital, Innovation and Leadership. Find out more about Susan.

Critical Reviewers

Sara Asalya

Sara Asalya is an award-winning leader with more than 13 years of experience working internationally and in Canada in various sectors including not-for-profit, NGOs, think tank and higher education institutions. Sara has collaborated and worked on different research and policy development projects and has published editorials on national media outlets focused on refugee displacement and resettlement, gender-based violence, unemployment and deskilling of immigrants, labour market trends and issues impacting skilled newcomers, foreign credentials and childcare policies, and refugees’ access and pathways to higher education. 

Dr. Khalid Arar

Khalid Arar, Ph.D. is a Professor of Educational Leadership and Higher Education at the School Improvement Doctoral Program, College of Education, Texas State University and an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Leadership in Education and Middle-East regional editor of Journal of Education Administration and History. For the past two decades, he conducted studies in the Middle East, Europe, North America and the USA on the issues of equity, diversity and social justice in K-12 and higher education. His recent books include: Migrants, Refugees and Global Challenges in Higher Education (Peter Lang Publishing, with Kussai Haj-Yehia, David Ross, & Yasar Kondakci); Education, Immigration and Migration: Policy, Leadership and Praxis for a Changing World (Emerald Publishing, with Jeffrey Brooks & Ira Bogotch); School Leadership for Refugees’ Education (Routledge), and his most His most recent co-authored book is Higher Education in the Era of Migration, Displacement and Internationalization (Routledge).

Dr. Elizabeth Buckner

Elizabeth Buckner is an Assistant Professor of Higher Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto. Elizabeth studies how global trends affect national higher education policies, institutional practices, and students’ lives – and ultimately, what this means for who attends university, where they do so, and what they learn. 

Elizabeth’s current research agenda focuses on two global trends: privatization and internationalization. She also has a long-standing interest and deep commitment to education in the Arab Middle East and North Africa, developed through years of study and travel in the region, and strengthened by personal connections, many cups of tea and a love of the Arabic language.    

Dr. Dionne Rosser-Mims

Dr. Dionne Rosser-Mims is a full professor and Vice Chancellor for the Troy University Phenix City Campus in Alabama. She completed Harvard’s Women in Educational Leadership Institute and is the recipient of ILA’s  2021 Women and Leadership Member Community Outstanding Scholarship for Established Scholar award.


Dr. Linyuan Guo-Brennan

Dr. Guo-Brennan is a Full Professor at the University of Prince Edward Island, Canada. She is also an Adjunct Professor in the Global Leadership Doctoral Program at Troy University, USA. Her research and teaching focus on global leadership, internationalization in higher education, global citizenship education, international and comparative education, teacher education, curriculum and diversity, equity and inclusion in educational policy, leadership, and praxis. She has published extensively on higher education, global citizenship education, internationalization, migration studies, and social justice issues related to newcomer students. She has extensive leadership and professional engagement in developing programs, policies, and strategies related to internationalization and international development through Global Affairs Canada, UNESCO, UNICEF, and Asia Development Bank.

Dr. Michael Guo-Brennan

Michael is an Associate Professor and the Director of the Master of Public Administration Program at Troy University. He served in leadership roles in education, non-profit and governmental organizations for over 20 years before beginning his academic career in higher education. His teaching and research focus on global public policy and affairs, governmental relations, and public administration. He has published extensively based on his scholarly and professional work in public administration, public policy analysis and development, leadership development, organizational management and culture, governmental relations, immigration, civic
engagement and capacity in urban education reform, and global competence in higher education. Michael has provided consulting and management services for governments, non-profit organizations, business organizations, and newcomers who seek assistance in expanding business development and government relations. His works have taken him to cities across the USA, Canada, and China.

Book Contributors

Dana Pikkert

Dana Pikkert is the Vice Principal of St. France’s of Assisi Middle School, Alberta, Canada. She is a dedicated educational leader and practitioner in global citizenship education. Her professional roles include inclusive lead teacher, instructional coach, educational technology coach, and elementary and middle schools. She is a dedicated educational leader and practitioner in global citizenship education.

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