NSA statement in response to anti-Asian, white supremacist, and misogynistic murder spree of Asian Women in Atlanta

The Newcomer Students’ Association – a national grassroots organization working at the intersection of migration, education and social justice, and a platform committed to promoting equity and inclusion for Canadian post-secondary students – we express our solidarity with members of the Asian community who have experienced incidents of hate, discrimination and racism. Our hearts are angered and grieved by the recent  tragic killings  in Atlanta; and we send a message of support and love to bereaved families of the victims, and to all members of the Asian community. 

With heavy hearts, and with determination to continuously fight racism, xenophobia, white supremacy, and misogyny, and to advocate for systemic change, we strongly condemn the Atlanta spa shootings that killed eight individuals, six of them were women of Asian descent. This heinous and brutal act of violence has once again demonstrated the pervasive prevalence of hate and xenophobia, as well as racism and sexism, in our society. These fatal shootings also reiterate the continuation of anti-Asian racism that was highlighted at the start of the pandemic, and that has persisted throughout this difficult year.

We are here to support all students as they navigate a year like no other. We continue to support racialized students and to fight all forms of hate and racism on our campuses.  We are saddened by the stories shared by many Asian students, of their experiences with racism, xenophobia, and not feeling safe on our campuses. We pledge to continue addressing racism in our educational institutions while also doing what we can to support Asian and other racialized and vulnerable student groups.  

In solidarity,

The Newcomer Students’ Association


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